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King Of The Hill Porn Story: Hank’s Revenge – Chapter 1

King Of The Hill Porn Story: Hank’s Revenge – Chapter 1


1: Plotting

Hill was very furious at this point. He sat impatiently in his
office at a propane store called Strickland Propane. Hank looked out
his window and watched the other employees selling propane and
propane accessories. Hank was the assistant manager of Strickland
Propane, and he was very proud of his job. Hank looked up at the
clock on the wall behind him. It was 4:59 pm. He had one minute
left before his boss, Mr. Buck Strickland, would let him leave the
office. Hank sat at his small brown desk with a million receipts and
contracts from propane customers. Hanks office had panel wood
walls and a gray filing cabinet. Behind him was also a map of Texas,
Mexico, and the surrounding areas.

Hank had
no other work to do, so he took off his thick, square rimmed glasses
and wiped them with his pale blue collared shirt. Most of the
employees wore pale blue shirts at Strickland Propane. Mr.
Strickland, however, was usually seen wearing a white collar shirt
with a blue necktie and a black suit. Hank put his glasses back on,
and he scratched his thick brown hair. Hank was fortunate to still
have a full head of hair while in his early 40s. Two of his
friends, Bill Dauterive and Dale Gribble were not so lucky, though.

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King Of The Hill Porn Story: Feminie Power Chapter 2

King Of The Hill Porn Story: Feminie Power Chapter 2

Feminine Power-Part 2

Howdy and Hello! Um…this is just a quick idea, and I didn’t and don’t think this will win an award, or anything.

I wanted to say thank you to Numbuh 484, who said I was the best KOTH writer on this site! That made my day-no week!

Um…I’m not sure if I’m spelling it correctly or not, but you know what I mean when I say ‘Boggle’. You know…that word game Peggy is really good at! So…here it is!

Dale knew why. He had stood at the opposite side of the table as she stated her proposals. He had seen how all of the guys had sapped up every word. They would throw away years of friendships for a girl!

Dale sped off to Peggy’s house. Her sentence floating around in his head. “If she ever does anything to you, you can go back to your list.”

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Massive-jugged mommy Peggy Hill enjoy hard fuckfest

King Of The Hill Sex Cartoons

Hentai Picture: Massive-jugged mommy Peggy Hill enjoy hard fuckfest
Bronzed Peggy Hill has slushed herself and jobs her forks one after the other into her shadowy cuzzy. King Of The Hill fellas get to it anew with a new strip of this naughty sex that cannot get enough of each other and for their scorching hot and indecent dreams! Let’s follow the example of a teen from King Of The Hill who is being screwed now on the roadside after making purchases just a minute ago.

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Peggy flashing her big orbs, right before she gets prepared to nail

King Of The Hill Xxx Free

Whores from King of the Hill show cannot wait to get right to it eager to have their pussies pumped aching for cocks in their mouths to be filled and to climax!… Naughty babe from cartoon and is ready for the hardest fucking task in her entire lifetime ;) Hentai version of King of the Hill hentai is right here with all new scenes from the private routine of internationally recognized heroes ;)

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King Of The Hill Nude Story: "Bobby’s Confession – Chapter 1"



Summary: Bobbyhas a fetish and wonders if he should tell Hank.


Yup,Hank said, sipping his beer.

Yup,Dale said, smoking his cigarette.

Mm-hmm,Boomhauer said, panning the area.

Yep,Bill said, scratching his bald head.

Nothingspecial happened in Arlen that Saturday afternoon. The men juststood in front of the fence in their alley, unsuccessfully thinkingof things to think about. Finally, after standing silently for overan hour, they gave up trying to think of anything to say and justdecided to return home and resume their personal lives.

Hankwalked into the living room and sat down on the sofa and watched thenews on the television. Nothing new was on TV. It just seemed likean absolutely boring day. Just then, Peggy, Hanks wife, enteredthe living room.

Hank,why are you just sitting there? If youre this bored, why dontyou mow the lawn or paint the house? Peggy asked her husband.

Well,I would, but I did all that 2 days ago. I dont need to do thatright now, Hank responded.

Youknow what, we need to go out to the Mega-Lo-Mart and buy somegroceries, Peggy said. Get Bobby, were going. Hank thenwalked into Bobbys bedroom.

Bobby,your mother and I are going to the Mega-Lo-Mart to get somegroceries. Wanna tag along? Hank asked.

Sure,Dad, Bobby said excitedly. He grabbed his wallet and followedHank and Peggy out to the truck. Bobby wanted to go to the store forsome time because there was something he wanted very badly. Hankstarted the truck and drove the family to the Mega-Lo-Mart.

Hank andPeggy were standing around in the produce section, but Bobby wasbored. He had not come to the store for this. Dad, Bobbysaid, can I go somewhere else and look around?

Well,sure, son, Hank smiled, but be sure to find us when youredone. Well probably still be here in the produce section.

Okay,Dad, I will, Bobby said, running off. He felt very excited. Hehad never felt so good in his life. He knew what he was looking for. Bobby bolted around corners and aisles of the Mega-Lo-Mart andeventually found what he was looking for: the womens clothingsection. Bobby looked around to make sure nobody was around. To hisluck, nobody was. He instantly snatched off a pink tank top and madea mad dash for the dressing room.

Bobbytook off his dark gray shirt and slipped the tiny little tank topover his husky abdomen. Heh hehI like this shirt, Bobbysaid in a strange voice. He posed in several different positions,seeing how he would look. On impulse, Bobby slipped the tank top inhis pants pocket. He put his old shirt back on and found some pinkbikinis. He took one and went back to the dressing room. This time,he shed all his clothes off and put them on and felt kinky. Bobbynearly fainted, but he realized that he needed to go back with hisparents. He kept the bikini on, but slipped his pants and shirt overit. He hoped his parents would not find out.

Bobbyleft the womens clothing section, feeling very strange. Hehurried back to the produce section, where he saw Hank and Peggyleaving for one of the cash registers. Hey, Bobby, youre justin time Hank started, but frowned when he saw a little lumpunder Bobbys chest. Bobby, whats that under your chest?Hank asked.

Oh,Im wearing an undershirt, Bobby half-lied.

Oh,okay, son, Hank said.

Afterpaying for the items, the Hills headed for the doors to leave theMega-Lo-Mart. Just as Bobby was about to walk out the door, loudsirens emitted from all directions!

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